Make Your Bathroom More Natural and Eco-Friendly

We all start preparing for the day in the bathroom. We spend, on average, 182 hours every year in the bathroom, making it one of the most important rooms at home. Yet many of the products we use in the bathroom are not natural. Switching to more eco-friendly bathroom is an important step toward a lifestyle that’s better for our planet.

Here is a list of environmentally friendly and natural products you can purchase today towards a greener lifestyle. 

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

Some plastics will, unfortunately, end up in the ocean. Replacing plastic with bio-degradable bamboo toothbrushes will solve this problem in a second! 

2. Natural Toothpaste

Now that, you get rid of plastics from your toothbrush; it’s time to replace your toothpaste as well. Uncle Harry’s Natural Toothpaste comes in a recyclable glass jar with natural ingredients and several flavors.

3. Silk Dental Floss

Never forget to floss! Like bamboo, silk is natural, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable so it won’t end up staying in the ocean for decades.

4. Natural Bar Soap

Switch plastic bottle to natural soap. O Naturals is made of all-vegan ingredients with therapeutic essential oil. It can be used for all skin types.

5. Natural Shampoo Bar

The same logic goes to shampoo. Ethique shampoo bar contains no plastic. It's vegan, plant-based, 100% compostable and zero-waste. It also has 8 different scents you can choose from.

6. Unbleached Toilet paper

It takes a lot of trees, energy, and water to produce toilet paper. Switch to unbleached and recycled toilet paper to lower our environmental impact. 

7. Electrolyzed Water

We dump tons of bleach down the drain and they often end up polluting our water system. Shine uses natural electrolyzed water to clean and deodorize your toilet automatically after every flush. Electrolyzed water is as powerful as bleach and returns to a safe saline solution after cleaning.

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