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All 3 packages include: Chemical-Free Cleaning, 6-Month Chargeable Battery, Water Leak Detection, and Universal Compatibility.

1 Bathroom Assistant

Bathroom Assistant

$174.99 $124.99

Save $50

Plus 6 FREE Cleaning Pods

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2 Bathroom Assistants

Bathroom Assistant

$349.99 $224.99

Save $125

Plus 12 FREE Cleaning Pods

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Best Value

4 Bathroom Assistants

Bathroom Assistant

$699.99 $349.99

Save $350

Plus 24 FREE Cleaning Pods

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Designed in California by Shine Bathroom

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Smart A.I. Software

Automatic Toilet Cleaning

Shine is powered by smart software to automatically clean your toilet. It activates each time you flush to spray a crazy powerful, yet eco-friendly, cleaning solution into the bowl. It kills bathroom odors, disinfects germs, removes hard water & rust stains, and destroys skid marks on the spot.

Electrolyzed Water

Stronger Than Bleach

The secret to Shine’s crazy powerful cleaner is electrolyzed water, which is more effective than conventional cleaners, Clorox, and Scrubbing Bubbles. The technology was developed by Japan’s sushi industry and is now widely used in hospitals to clean & disinfect.

Bathroom Assistant
Bathroom Assistant

No Harmful Chemicals

Eco-friendly & Pet Safe

Other toilet cleaners contain nasty chemicals like chlorine and ammonia that are dangerous to use around kids and pets and can be fatal if consumed. They also never fully break down leaving behind environmentally hazardous compounds like furans and dioxins. Shine’s electrolyzed water simply turns into saltwater after it cleans so it’s safer in your home, and better for the environment.

Powerful Sensors

Detects Water Leaks

Shine tracks the water usage of your toilet and will notify you through our App if your toilet is using more water than it should, or if your toilet starts to leak. Without Shine most toilet leaks go unnoticed costing you hundreds in wasted water each year.

Bathroom Assistant

How It Works


Place Anywhere Near Toilet


Add Water & Cleaning Pod


Create Electrolyzed Water


Enjoy Automated Toilet Cleaning

Shine Was Featured On

IB Times Digital Trends ABC Wired TechCrunch


Launch Shipping Groups:

Shipping will begin in February 2020 with the first shipping groups. Shipping will be based on when the order was placed, except in cases where customers have earned an upgrade.

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