Shine Unlimited (1 Year)

Regular price $49.99


How Much You Save:

Shine Unlimited brings you all the benefits of our revolutionary cleaning products for one low price that can save you over $100 a year in Cleaning Pods alone depending on how many devices you have. Unlimited also gives you access to free repair kits whenever Sam, our AI, detects a problem with your toilet.

Everything you need: Cleaning Pods, repair kits, and even replacement parts are included with your Shine Unlimited Membership.

Request replacement Cleaning Pods or set a scheduled delivery date in the Shine Bathroom mobile app.

  • + Renews Yearly
  • + Unlimited Cleaning Pods
  • + Unlimited Repair Kits
  • + Cleaning Pods Made from Compostable Material
  • + Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution
  • + Allergen-Free
  • + No Added Fragrance
  • + Membership Covers 1 Home/Apartment

Safety and Use Notes: Only one (1) cleaning pod should be used at a time for each Bathroom Assistant in your home. Adding the contents of additional pods is not advised as it can result in a pH balance that makes the solution ineffective, damage components, or create a potentially harmful solution.

You will be charged today, but your subscription start date will be changed to the day your Bathroom Assistant ships. Shine reserves the right to amend our "unlimited" policy or place limits on orders that appear to be abusive.

Say Goodbye to Calling Strangers! With Sam, you don’t have to guess what’s wrong or pay hundreds for a simple repair you could do in minutes.


Launch Shipping Groups:

Shipping will begin in February 2020 with the first shipping groups. Shipping will be based on when the order was placed, except in cases where customers have earned an upgrade.

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